Buff Diss began as an artist in the late nineties, with works first appearing on the streets and walls of Melbourne, before emerging in Italy and Berlin and beyond. He is known globally for his pioneering use of tape as a medium and his distinctive line-based aesthetic. Buff continues to develop his approaches as he reinterprets spaces and models artefacts with originality and reference to the environment in which it resides.

Whatever the project, each piece Buff Diss produces responds to the character of the surface he works on and the connection with ‘place’. The repetition of line and in more recent work, colour, is not only visually captivating but conveys complexities of movement and space. Now he has extended his early works of monochrome shapes and lines to colours and bolder topographic motifs, optically transforming surfaces.

Buff achieves thoughtful and distinctive designs that resonate emphatically with their architectural canvases. While any art and design can be appreciated in and of themselves, it is the manner in which Buff combines these elements that lends them to further consideration.