The Australian artist Buff Diss has created a unique brand of urban art. Whilst his polished, dexterous designs can be appreciated in and of themselves however, it is the manner in which they combine with their architectural surround that propels them onto a more thoughtful, more distinctive terrain. Using the environment of the city not as a blank canvas but as a living expanse then, a site with a deep history embedded within it, Buff Diss aims to develop a “relationship with space”, a “conversation with the architecture”, taking pleasure in forming a materially tactile intervention with his surround. Whatever the project, each piece Buff Diss produces works as a unique artifact, the character of the surface he works with always a key presence. Reinterpreting these spaces with his tape and painted works, playing with them with his unique designs, he thus transforms the environment whilst always acknowledging its presence, remodeling in imaginatively remarkable ways.